Dubrava Falconry Center


The only center of this kind in Croatia, the Falconry Center in Dubrava is located in the depths of the pine tree forest near the village Dubrava, several kilometers away from Šibenik.

This center serves as a sort of a reserve for all kinds of birds of prey, and a sanctuary for injured and ill birds, with its own veterinary and bird forensic service. The center also keeps a bird DNA database, a bird feather bank, and monitors effects of pesticides on birds of prey.

But, aside from this important purpose, the center has a number of activities designed to introduce these magnificent feathery creatures to visitors, see them fly, and partake in the presentations and the tour programme.

This unique experience is not to be missed, especially if you are a nature and bird aficionado.

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Škugori bb, 22000, Dubrava kod Šibenika


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