Located 15 kilometers from Shibenik, Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow cobbled streets, passages, arches and stairs, and is located at the entrance to the Krka National Park. Its history dates back two thousand years, making significant archaeological sites nearby. The entire town of Skradin is a protected cultural heritage monument. Under the present name Skradin it is mentioned as early as the tenth century. It is located on the right bank of the river Krka and until recently it hid its beauty sheltered in a natural bay. Today, the charms of Skradin can be seen by every traveler who stops at the most beautiful rest area of ​​the Zagreb-Split highway and the beautiful bridge from which one can admire an unforgettable view. With its beauty in history, Skradin has attracted many conquerors who have been destroyed on several occasions. The ancient Liburnians, Romans, Goths, Venetians and Turks ruled.

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5.0 (1 review)

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Skradin town is full of rich history about the ancient civilizations. My kids love coming to this town to admire the intriguing fortresses and lovely ancient ruins. The pictures they take each year are to die for. This town is just spectacular.
This town has a lot to offer to every visitor. Apart from the relaxation, I also get to learn a lot. I especially love the museums where I get to admire the lovely historical collections even of old classic cars. I recommend this town to all.
My friends and I took a vacation in Skradin and fell in love with it. We had a memorable time wine tasting the exotic red wines in the elegant wineries. The sparkling wine and sweet sensations left us really enthralled. We shall visit again very soon.
Skradin is a magical town straight out of the movies. I really had a fabulous time at the majestic waterfalls found in this town. The pictures I took here still rekindle all the memories of this lovely town. I look forward to bringing my friends next time.
I enjoyed my visit to this town to the fullest. I really loved the relaxing nature walks in the relaxing forests while enjoying the massive trees and gorgeous butterflies. The lush landscape views are something I will live to remember.
The bay offers some amazing place and the bridge give a view of the landscape and the sea to be stunning. I loved my time at the place and would love to visit again. Great history too with lovely things to enjoy and atmosphere.
I loved the cultural heritage of this place. The Museum has artifacts that we're as old as age itself. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly. I left having acquired more information about this place. I was happy.