Zlarin Island


Known as the "golden island" for its untouched beauty, Zlarin is an island of pine trees, sandy beaches, idyllic bays and a traditional village. Only about 8 km, Zlarin is separated from the mainland by the Shibenik Channel, and from other islands in the Shibenik archipelago .
Zlarin is best known for its unique culture based on picking coral and turning it into jewelry and ornaments. The inhabitants of Zlarin have long been fishermen and sailors and were the first coral fishermen on the Adriatic. There is a "coral museum" in Zlarin that explains how to make beautiful red coral jewelry, and of course there are shops to buy coral items. Traces of Illyrian and Roman settlements were found on Zlarin. From the 13th to the 19th century, the island was owned by the bishops of Shibenik and several noble families. In the 16th and 17th centuries, refugees from Turkish invasions inflated the local population, which was once again impoverished after World War II when a weak economy encouraged many to emigrate. The beautiful sandy beach, the abundance of greenery and the peaceful ambience have encouraged the development of tourism in Zlarin, which is easy to reach from Shibenik by ferry.

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It was superfun to walk barefoot on the sandy beach. It was an educative tour, in the coral museum i learnt how to make beautiful red coral jewelry. I also bought coral items in the coral shops found here.
We visited the greenery and the peaceful ambience of this place is refreshing. I was fascinated by the unique culture of the locals in this Island, whereby they pick coral and turn it into jewels and ornaments. I bought some jewellery and ornaments to take back home .
very good!!!