Krapanj Island


The island of Krapanj is the smallest and least populated of all the islands of the Shibenik archipelago. In fact, Krapanj is basically a flat stone slab in the sea (the highest point is only 7 meters high on 0.4 sq. Km. Island). The western part of the island is wooded, and the eastern part contains the small village of Krapanj.The traditional industry on the island of Krapanj gathers and processes sponges that have occupied the island for centuries. That is why they opened an interesting sponge museum here. Already in the 15th century, Krapanj was a refuge for refugees from the Turkish occupation. There is a Franciscan monastery and a church from that period. The monastery is worth a visit because of the Renaissance cloister and the painting of Francesco da Santacroce. A boat from Brodarica, a small village eight kilometers south of Shibenik, sails to the island every hour.

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We toured the sponge museum and admired the enchanting sponges processed here. The paintings on the walls of the monastery made me love and even appreciate the good work of artisans. We also took a boat ride to sail through the Island.
We had a boat ride through the Island and were fascinated by the vicinity of the surroundings. In the evenings i would stay in the quiet and peaceful church for meditation and even say a prayer. The interiors of the house are magnificent.
The idea of visiting the sponge industry was great. I came here to see how the sponge was manufactured. It was a great experience. Later I went to the sponge museum where the guide explained the origin of sponges. He took me around the museum. I had gained a lot of knowledge when I left.
The tour guide i met on the island was very respectful and jovial. He took us to the sponge museum and the monastery, the artefacts were amazing and well maintained, the walk in the sunshine was also a happy one, the temperatures are quite fai. I loved it.
I love art and when I saw the painting of Francesco da Santacrocei at the Franciscan Monastery couldn't help but marvel at its beauty and the applaud the artist. I toured the sponge museum and had a look on the processes that is used in the processing of the sponge.It was very educative.
I learned of the history of the island and it providing refuge for refugees from Turkey.I went on a boat ride through the island and was fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the island from the sea view. I took a lot of picture of this place for remembrance.
This is one of the Islands of Sibenik archipelago. It is really small. It has existed since the 15th century. I loved how small and remote it was. I visited the Franciscan Monastery and I was perplexed by its ancient beauty.