Tijat Island


The island of Tijat is located next to the islands of Prvich Shepurina and Logorum, which is close to Tribunj on the mainland. History - uninhabited; mostly owned by the people of Shepurina from the island of Prvich. The most prominent feature of the island is a huge metal cross on the highest peak (Vela Glava 119 m) visible from miles away. The coastline stretches to 9.8 m. People gather here for organized mouflon hunting from the high headquarters or ambush or lurking, which takes place from 1 July to 31 January. The island can be reached by private boat.

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very good!!!
I love the way the bathing place has been maintainted in Tijat Island. The water in the island is clean and there are fish here.
We cherish the relaxed atmosphere of Tijat Island, it is a highland of peace and this makes it to be a cool place away from everything. A calm place to be.
My wife and I enjoyed the times we had to anchor in Tijat Island. The island has several spots to do this.
I was amazed with the jewellery shop that was selling good products . I had to get one for myself.
The wonderful resturants offered good seafood varieties and we had the delicay to ourselves. We also enjoyed the view of the sea while having our meals.
I was fascinated with the boat rides cruise around the island to the bays and the good weather at the place was wonderful.