Kakan Island


Kakan is an uninhabited island in a group of islands in front of Shibenik. Kakan is separated from the island of Kaprije in the east by a Canaanite canal. It is formed of limestone. A series of nodes ends in the southeast of the island. In the valleys, where little red earth can be found, the inhabitants of the neighboring island of Kaprije grow vines and olives; the rest of the island is covered with grass and low bushes. Along the northeast coast are the islets of Veli and Mali Borovnjak, along the southeast coast of Veli and Mali Kamenjak, and along the northwest coast of the cliffs of Mala Mare (Little Mary). Kakan is a favorite destination of hikers and boaters who enjoy the peace, quiet and untouched nature. There is a beach next to a beautiful forest.

№419 in Islands of Croatia

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My family fell in love with this island while visiting on a boat trip. We were served delicious fish, tenderly cooked meat, and tasty olive oil. The hosts were really warm and friendly. The kids are eager to visit again!
My friends and I visited the heavenly island of Kakan. We especially enjoyed the camping experience. The place is very quiet and peaceful making it very ideal for a relaxed trip. We look forward to another trip.
My boyfriend and I visit Kakan once in a while to experience the deep serenity found here. We like taking nature walks and admiring the sunset views from this island that are just magical! This is a very unique island.
I had the time of my life on Kakan Island. I fell in love with its clean beaches with Peebles, and pristine clear waters. The scenic sunset views were just enchanting. This island is worth a visit!
We always have a wonderful time taking a trip to this island. The wine tasting experience here is usually spectacular and unforgettable. This is a very fun place to visit!
I really had a blast visiting Kakan Island. The yacht tour was super fun and I really admired the lush vegetation and beautiful shores. This island is just paradisical!
very good!!!