Kistanje, Krka


Kistanje is a small village along the river Krka and is one of the entrances to the Krka National Park. It was first mentioned in the 15th century, under the Latin name Kyztane. It was built next to the ruins of a Roman camp and a medieval church.The Krka Monastery (St. Archangel) is located three and a half kilometers from the village and is the spiritual center of the Orthodox faithful of this area. Next to the monastery is a Byzantine-style church. Below the church are the ancient Roman catacombs, which are open to visitors.The Kistanje entrance is one of the five entrances to the Krka National Park. Krka National Park was declared in 1985 as a karst phenomenon of seven travertine waterfalls of exceptional beauty. It is best to visit the park in spring or summer, when it is in full bloom and when visitors can refresh themselves in the clear water of the river.

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I toured the Plitvice Lakes and was amazed by the different varieties of aquatic animals like the sea turtles. I took a long walk in the Velebit nature park whose beauty was unmatched;the beautiful view added by the green color of the trees was breathtaking. I loved this place.
The architectural art of church built in the Byzantine style was a great piece to marvel at. I learned of the history of the Kistanje village during the 15th century;then it went by the name Kyztane. It is a wonderful place to visit as an art lover.
This town has existed since the 16th century. It is a historical town. I got to see the ruins of the Roman camp and I could relive its moment. It was such an amazing site. The Roman catacombs were so marvelous. I enjoyed my visit to this town.
This town is a historical town. It is popular because of its Roman catacombs. I visited the Roman catacombs and it was a thrilling experience. It made my trip to this town so memorable.
The Krka Monastery, St, Archangel is the worship center for the Orthodox Christians of this location. It was a new experience to witness and be a part of their worship and get to listen to their teachings. I had an adventure during my vacation visit to this location.
We sat by the river, the flowing water gave us a refreshing relaxed water, touching the flowing water was therapeutic to me. The Byzantine style of the church made me appreciate architects more and even i loved the creativity depicted in construction of the church. Will definitely come back.
I enjoyed touring some of the iconic buildings in this location. Examples include; The Byzantine-style church and the ancient Roman catacombs that are open to visitors. I got to learn about the cultural heritage and historical background of the location.