Drnish is a town in Croatia, located in the interior of Dalmatia, about halfway between Shibenik and Knin. The name Drnish is first mentioned in a treaty of March 8, 1494. However, there are traces of an older medieval fortress built by the Croatian aristocratic family Nelipich on a place called Gradina that dominated this area.The city was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1522 due to its strategic position.Many buildings from this time period are still preserved today.During the Baroque period a mosque built by the Turks was turned into a church.From Shibenik it takes only 20 minutes of easy driving to Drnish.

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The fortress and the big castle were such an attraction. I enjoyed touring these places and was sad when my guide told me it was time to leave. I will come back again here soon.
I was thrilled to see the mosque that was turned into a church. Thanks to our guide who gave us a detailed history about the Ottoman Turks who conquered Danish due to its strategic position. An educative tour it was.
I set my eyes on the many buildings that are still well preserved upto now. I loved the architectural buildings around that made me appreciate the great work of the artists involved . We even took a photo near the older medieval fortress for memories.
The geographic location of this town was impressive. I admired its beauty and history. It has existed since the 15th century. Seeing the mosque that was converted to a church was so amazing. It was well decorated with all the right paintings. It was divine.
The history of this town is really fascinating. I loved how ancient it was. Its beauty was magical. I enjoyed walking on its streets as i got a better view of this town. Its church was amazing. It had a unique structure.
The presence of Turkish culture is predominant in this location, especially in the building designs. I learned that the Turks conquered and took over the location in 1522. Hence, the people maintained the architectural style of its rulers.
I toured the mosque, built by the Turks during the Baroque period that was turned into a church later. the location has a cultural and historical significance to the locals and the Croatian culture in general. i enjoyed the adventurous tour.