Fortress Glavas


Fortress Glavas - Dinarich is a fortress located in the continental part of Dalmatia in Croatia. Dinarich is located below the Dinara mountain, northeast of the town of Vrlika, near the village of Kijevo.
Dinarić was built in the 15th century, when Croatia was threatened by the Turkish invasion. It was a chain link of nearby fortifications such as the Prozor and Potravnik fortifications.
The source of drinking water (near the river Cetina) in the karst is of inestimable importance. Therefore, it is not surprising that already in prehistoric times there was a hillfort on the rock above the spring. On its foundations, the Croatian noble family Nelipchich began to build a fortress in the 14th century.
Archaeological excavations have revealed here many medieval and early modern pottery with floral motifs of vivid colors. There is a rich archeological site in the fort and several graves have been discovered. Larger quantities of various objects have been excavated.

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