Svilaja mountain


Svilaja is a mountain located in the south of Croatia. The highest peak called Bat is located at an altitude of 1,508 m. Vrh Bat is a beautiful vantage point with a view of the Knin Dinara, part of the Dinara - Troglav and Kamešnica mountains and the mountains near the Adriatic coasts such as Mosor, Biokovo and Promina.
From the village of Donje Ogorje it is possible to reach a height of 1300m by car, only it is almost below the top. From there it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the top of Bat. It is very hot in this area in summer, so we recommend that you plan your visit during spring, autumn or winter.

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21236, Otišić


(6 reviews)
I loved hiking through this rocky location. There was splash of green vegetation everywhere which made it even more prettier.
very good!!!
I loved hiking on this mountain and seeing the rural settlement was an epic experience
Hiking on this mountain was an epic experience though it was quite challenging
We loved the surrounding vegetation and wild squirrels running around, it is also a great place for hiking and climbing adventures
Unique experience as we went mountain climbing and it was thrilling with sight of mountain sceneries and the fresh air.
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