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Prozor Fortress is located in a prominent place above the town of Vrlika. It was a chain link of nearby fortifications: Glavas - Dinaric and Potravnik. The nearest major towns are Sinj, Knin and Drnis. Prozor Fortress overlooks Lake Peruca and the Dinara Mountains and Kamesnica in the east. and Mount Svilaj in the southwest.The building is made of stone like other fortresses in Dalmatia.It has been partially restored and admission is free.The road to the Prozor Fortress starts at the Roman Catholic Parish Church in Vrlika.Driving by car 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) ) leads to the small village of Maovice, followed by a 25-minute walk along the footpath.
Before the arrival of the South Slavs, the Dalmatae reportedly lived in the region. The famous history of the Prozor Fortress begins in parallel with the history of Vrlika in the 7th century, when Croats settled there and created a village at the source of the river Cetina, in a field below the Dinara mountain. In the 9th century, probably in the time of Duke Branimir of the Croatian Duchy of Primorska, the old Croatian Catholic Church of Sv. Spasa near Vrlika, then called Vrh Rike.

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