Dinara mountain


Dinara is one of the most interesting and highest (1831m) Croatian mountains. Its several hundred meters high southwestern cliff is really impressive and attracts all who watch it from the foothills. Especially rich flowering plants and forests. In winter and most of spring the tops of Dinara are covered The top of this rocky and grassy mountain is the highest point in Croatia, the point where the Croatian soil touches the sky.
The name Dinara covers several terms. Dinara is in its narrow sense a mountain east of the town of Knin and north of Lake Peručko. In a broader sense, the Dinara is an 84-kilometer-long massif, encompassing the Dinara mountains across Knin, Troglav and Kameshnica. It is known that the Dinara mountain gave its name to the entire mountain range from the Slovenian Alps to Prokletije in Albania.
Hiking is very common here.

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very good!!!
Taking a nature walk in it park was fun. I was able to see different plants and animals
We went hiking and mountain climbing with my friends and the experience was phenomenal. Stunning views of the landscape that we enjoyed and had amazing photos taken.
I enjoyed hiking to the top of the mountain. The view from the top was beautiful. It was tiresome experience but worth it
Hiking through this location was an awesome experience. I especially eating the fresh berries that grew from the various vegetations
It is the highest mountain in Croatia, we loved the hiking and adventure as we went to the summit, the weather was chilled as well
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