Dinara Nature Park


Dinara Nature Park is the twelfth nature park in Croatia, and is located on the borders of Split-Dalmatia County and Shibenik-Knin County. The area is 630.52 km2. The Dinara Nature Park includes the Dinara massif (peaks: Dinara, Troglav and Kameshnica), the source and upper course of the Cetina River, the source of the Krka River, the Krchich River, and karst fields along the Cetina: - Hrvatachko, Pashko and Vrlichko polje.Dinara Nature Park is the second largest Croatian nature park (after Velebit Nature Park).The rocky Dinaric mountain range forms the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and contains some of the extremely beautiful hiking trails and offers a spectacular panoramic view. The eponymous peak of Dinara, in the shape of a stone human head, with its 1,831 meters is the highest peak in Croatia and with dozens of other magnificent peaks attracts many adventurers in search of breathtaking landscapes and loneliness that fills with pleasure. The mountain is a natural habitat for many endemic and endangered species that find refuge in less accessible areas of the mountain range.

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very good!!!
This nature park is the second largest nature park in Croatia. It has amazing features such as the dinara massif and the source of several rivers such as River Krka. Its landscape was so breathtaking
It was an honor touring the second largest nature park on croatia as per what the tour guide was saying, i got to witness the source of rivers for the first time in my life and also the deep forests were therapeutic to observe and take photographs.
The hiking trails on the mountain ranges were very challenging to walk on making it more interesting. The view from above was spectacular. The peak was also an amazing feature and the calmness at this place is a meditation spot