Jastrebarsko is a small town located halfway between Zagreb and Karlovac, between urban and rural land, silence and bustling city bustle adorned with an idyllic landscape of characteristic spirit and homely atmosphere. The area of ​​Jastrebarsko contains some of the best preserved landscapes and picturesque villages, which makes it Surrounded by sunny wine-growing hills filled with family farms, picnic areas, dense forests and other beauties combined with crystal clear spring water, the area becomes a perfect place to relax and merge mind and body with untouched nature.

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I and the boys always come to Jast Rebarsko. The awesome thing about this town is the wine tasting experience. The lovely wineries serve fresh wines and always have a relaxed ambiance. It's always been our favorite getaway.
There are lots of things to do in this town. I enjoyed visiting its nice casinos after a day of adventures. Very nice selection of slots and table games and the dealers were very friendly. I hope to bring my pals on the next trip.
This is a very serene town. We came here with my wife and loved it. What we enjoyed the most were the hiking trails. Very well maintained and not so challenging. Everything was perfect!
We had a memorable trip to Jast rebarsko. The kids had a terrific time here. They relished the visits to the castle. They were really beautiful and the kids enjoyed wandering inside. They cant wait to be back.
My collleagues always talk about this town. We came here for team building. They particularly loved the entertainment parks where they could enjoy paintball games, ATV quad rides and other fun activities. It was absolutely fantastic.
There is everything for everyone in this town. The museums are absolutely fascinating. Very nice exhibitions and picturesque activities. Very tranquil place to contemplate about life. I loved it!
My husband brought me here for our vacation. I absolutely loved it. The hotels we stayed in were very classy. The beautiful pools and lush vineyard pools always lifted my moods. I would recommend it to all.