Lake Crna Mlaka


Not far from Zagreb, in the vicinity of the town of Jastrebarsko, there is a lake that is taken special care of. The declared reserve, which is rich in various bird species and home to many, is a real paradise for many ornithologists, with untouched nature that will satisfy every visitor who decides to walk around the lake, there are many locations where you can enjoy fishing if you bring your equipment.

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Lake Crna Mlaka
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We went bird watching at the Lake and had an amazing time with my family. The place is like paradise and we enjoyed the tour at the place and the rich nature was fascinating.
This place is a home to many bird species. I really enjoyed bird watching and learning about different species of birds. This lake is protected hence Its nature is not interfered with. I also enjoyed fishing on this lake.
I had carried my fishing equipments with me during my trip here, i went for fishing at the lake. My kids were elated to see and even feed the various bird species in their nests. A walk around the lake was therapeutic for my body and soul.
If you are in for fishing then this is the place to be as long as you have your own equipment. The natural environment here is wonderful there are also birds.
The lake is a home to many birds, we were able to see a wide variety of birds. I loved how the lake is taken care of, very clean and neat. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable, he told some of the name of the bird species.
very good!!!