Kupa River


The beautiful river Kupa connects the karst and Pannonian area of ​​Croatia, and the 296-kilometer journey begins at its source in the Risnjak National Park. This magnificent spring never dries up, and the water appears on the surface in the form of an unreal blue-green pond in a deep gorge surrounded by forest and high rocks.The landscape is magical and unforgettable, and access to the spring is possible thanks to hiking trails, so your rafting tour will be enriched by visiting this place, you will not be disappointed. found almost 500 species of butterflies, which is why it is also known as the "valley of butterflies".
When you tour this magical river, you can try rafting, which is organized in the upper part of the stream where the river cuts deep into the rugged, mountainous area of ​​green Gorski Kotar, and is suitable for everyone, from families with children to demanding adventurers.

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