Zumberak Nature Park


Zhumberak - Samoborsko gorje Nature Park is mainly a hilly and mountainous area that covers the southern part of Zhumberachka gora and the Samoborsko gorje form the natural border of Croatia with the Republic of Slovenia, and its northern part on the Slovenian side is called Gorjanci. The park covers an incredible 333 km2 and is located near the city of Zagreb. With more than 347 kilometers of hiking and 200 kilometers of bike trails, and two climbing areas - Okich and Terihaji, then two registered paragliding grounds flying Japetich and Pleshivica, Zumberak Nature Park is an ideal destination for nature escapes and active holidays. Excursionists and mountaineers are delighted by the panoramic viewpoints that open from Okich, Plešivica and Japetich.

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We climbed the steep hills and mountains in the park. My wife hired climbing equipment nearby because she had no prior mountain climbing experience. It was awesome.
I rode bikes whole time during my visit to the park. The revving of motorcycle engines made me beg for more. Won't forget the feeling
We flew from Brussels just to study Mediterranean vegetation, Europe's forest cover and rainfall distribution. With the nature park as our destination, we really gained a lot from the trip.
Established bike trails made it possible for my team to navigate all through the forested park without getting lost or harming ourselves. Besides, we were equipped with helmets beforehand.
I cannot forget the view of nature from the surrounding hills and mountains. I overly enjoyed sightseeing inside the thick and dense forests in the park.
The panoramic view of the immediate environment and vegetation of the park from the nearby hills made me wonder. The park has a very unique and identifiable terrain and ecosystem.
We woke up early in the morning and delved deep into the forested park, where we went for a seven-hour eventful excursion. It was really fun