Semich or Semichi is a small village 2 km north of Lupoglav, located on the slopes of Chicharija, above the passage that descends from the north into the valley of Boljunshchica. During the Ottoman attacks, many refugees from Dalmatia found refuge there.In the village there is the chaplaincy church of Sv. St. Lawrence from the 18th century, around which is the local cemetery. The population is engaged in farming and animal husbandry, and in the surrounding meadows you can often see an idyllic rural scene - numerous cattle, including Istrian cows grazing.Also, from here you can start hiking trails to discover the untouched nature of Chicharija and Uchka. A table with a mountaineering map is located below the church.

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I learnt that Semich was a hiding and secure place for many refugees during the Ottoman attacks. At the meadows , our eyes were graced by a relaxing idyllic rural scene such as numerous cattle grazing . I discovered the untouched nature of Uchka by hiking through the hiking trails found here.
I loved the untouched natural vegetation at this place. The lush greenery and rocky landscapes were such a beautiful sight. I enjoyed inhaling fresh air in a cool environment. The sound of the flowing river in the valley below soothed my nerves. I listened to birds chipping and occasional cry of the owl at a distance. I enjoyed my vacation
This place is ideal for outdoors people and people looking to just have a change in the normal usual views. Semich offers a different scene, a rural one that makes one actually appreciate life, but what i did enjoy most was getting the chance to hike and just experience nature at its fullest.
very good!!!