The town of Skrad can be called the pearl of Croatia in the heart of Gorski kotar. In 1694, the name Skrad was first recorded, which then referred to a small peasant settlement. After the Second World War, Skrad based its tourism development on transit tourism.

When we talk about Skrad, we often mention Zeleni vir - a strong spring at the bottom of the cave at the foot of a high rock and Vrazhji prolaz - a narrow ravine between the rocks through which a mountain stream breaks. These beautiful works of nature are a real natural attraction that tourists, especially mountaineers, like to visit.

With a total of 40 km of marked bike trails, Skrad is adorned with numerous caves, beautiful views, forests and mountain meadows rich in large and small game, which makes it a wonderful place to explore and enjoy the natural beauty!

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very good!!!
I have never seen such a supernatural town. I enjoyed every minute of my trip. The parks were lush and the brisk forest was very blissful. The walking trips in this park left me in high spirits.
Skrad town is a very paradisical town. My girlfriend and I had a phenomenal time, particularly visiting the mystical caves. The inside looked so glorious and we loved every inch of it. The guides were nice and it was a fine experience.
My kids always insist on coming here on our Christmas trip. I also love this beautiful town. The extreme sports like paintballing and archery are some of our favorites activities. Its always good for our whole family.
I am a number one fan of hiking. This town never disappointed me as I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The hiking trips were nice because the trails were under huge trees and the shade was very nice. I recommend it.
My partner recommended this town and when we came it exceeded my expectations. I loved the hotels we stayed in that were located at the edges of the parks. The cool breezes were very relaxing. The saunas, garden, and terrace were well maintained. I recommend a vacation to this town.
We came here with my buddies and we loved this incredible town. There were lots of places to visit. We loved the iconic museums with their strange exhibitions and the lovely churches with their noble domes. We had a good time.