Vrbovsko occupies the extreme eastern part of Gorski kotar. Vrbovsko belonged to the Frankopans who were the owners and masters of this area and is one of the oldest inhabited places in Gorski kotar. A significant written historical source is also related to the Modrushki urbar from 1486, which mentions the Vrbovshchina region, Gomirje and Lukovdol. An important geo-traffic position has long been crucial for the arrival of many visitors and occasional travelers to Vrbovsko, as evidenced by the fact that catering as an activity began to appear in Vrbovsko in parallel with the construction of roads and railways in the 18th and 19th centuries. is one of the significant economic drivers of the place. Tourism as an activity is increasingly entering the lives of the citizens of Vrbovsko, which is the primary goal.

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