Between Zagreb and Rijeka, Ogulin is a charming medieval and renaissance town located at the foot of the magnificent Klek mountain, in a valley where two rivers, the Dobra and the Mrezhnica, flow intertwined. The presence of the city is witnessed as early as the 15th century, when the Frankopan castle built in the heart of the historic core functioned as a protective fortress. Today, there is the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival, which attracts visitors of all ages. Near the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Ogulin is a pleasant stop for enjoying numerous outdoor activities, such as rafting, canoeing on the river Mrežnica and Lake Sabljaci, trekking, hiking at high altitudes, horseback riding and relaxation in the city.

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I was here during the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival and i was able to interact with people of different races, i learnt lots of languages from here. My friends went hike at high attitudes while my kids went for horse riding. Myself, i indulged in canoeing on the river Mreznica.
My friends and i visited this town to experience its festivals. afterwards, we went for outdoor activities including canoeing and rafting on river mreznica. we also went for horse riding. this place has something for everyone.
Our first stop when we arrived at the place was the fortress and the view of the place was amazing. We enjoyed the tour around other places on the guide and also went canoeing later on the say. A well spent day with a good temperature.
This town is so beautiful. The Frankopan castle is beautiful. I loved its ancient architectural design and decoration. I also managed to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a wonderful scenery. i really enjoyed canoeing on its rivers. Rafting is also an activity that takes place here.
I loved this place for its waters. We enjoyed swimming, boat riding, and surfing. We joined some fishermen who were willing to teach us how to fish.
very good!!!