No other Croatian mountain has become such a solid segment of traditional local legends and picturesque stories as Klek. This steep mountain near the town of Ogulin attracts from afar and with its impressive shape and size puts in the background all the other places that surround it. Klek will discover a different face and new, inexhaustible beauties, its steep 200 meters high peak and Klechica, a small rock that points sharply towards the sky north of the main peak, will be attractive for touring from all directions. , Klek looks like a sleeping giant whose legs are the rocks of Klečica, and whose head is the main peak.According to the traditional story, the top of Klek is a gathering place of witches who are a kind of symbol of Klek and the town of Ogulin.Due to its exceptional landscape and biological value, ha was protected in 1971 as a significant landscape, and part of it was protected as a geomorphological and botanical reserve.

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Great history of the place and awesome landscape that is eye catching. The beaches were awesome and we loved sunbathing when we visited the place. We also enjoyed swimming at the turquoise sea.
My friends and I really enjoyed taking part in different activities on this Island. Hiking was what I enjoyed the most. The dense vegetation was so lovely. It had different species of flora. The view from the mountain peak was nice. One could see the entire town. Swimming in its calm waters was so lovely.
I loved rafting in this place and we also did some fishing. This visit was so refreshing. The breeze was cool and the environment very friendly. It was wonderful to explore
Klek looks like a sleeping giant, the its appearance was an eye catcher for me. We were delighted to be fed with the traditional story which mentions that, the witches gather at the top of the mountain and a kind of symbol of Klek and Ogulin town. We took a photo near the small rock that points sharply towards the sky.
It was an educative tour, we learnt of why Klek was protected as a significant landscape. According to our tour guide, Its exceptional value and landscape is the reason for its protection. There are inexhaustible beauties to behold.
This place is so amazing starting from the shape of the mountain and its attractiveness from all directions. The mountain looks like a sleeping giant indeed with its head as the peak.
very good!!!