Ledenice Fort


Above today's settlement of Ledenice (Ledenice Polje), at 376 m above sea level, stand the ruins of the old town of Ledenice - Gradina, an important strategic point in the clashes that took place in the eastern part of Vinodol.

Namely, the Ottoman invasions reached Ledenice in 1522 and 1539, while the Frankopans did not completely lose power in 1572. At that time, Ledenice fell under the Senj captaincy.

After the Peace of Madrid in 1617, a part of the Uskok epic and tragedy took place in Ledenice, which was described by the Croatian writer August Shenoa in the novel "Beware of Senj's hands". Tradition says that while collecting material for his novel about the Uskoks, and getting to know the old Gradina, the poet had the idea of ​​the song "Kugina kucha".

Today, the remains of this former historic city are visible, with the remains of a square tower and the church of St. Stephen.

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very good!!!
I loved the beautiful green vegetation splashed all over the location. it is a location filled with the cultural heritage of the Croatian people.
The view on the hill is great, the ruins show a lot of history about the place, i loved the tour
Visiting Ledenice Fort was amazing. It was great navigating the place with wonderful buildings on strategic location. Great points to track and counter enemy.
Ledenice fort offers fascinating views since it is on a high strategic location. A nice place we visited.
The location provides evidence of Roman empire existence with several findings such as Roman coins and architecture style. It was a learning experience for me and my friends.
A tour at the place with my friends was adventourous with great ancient history of the place with ruins and wonderful views of the landscape that is mesmerising.
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