Remains of the Pauline monastery


On the peninsula, near the port, Prince Martin Frankapan the Pious donated in 1462 to the monks of the Order of St. Pavle Pustinjak church which he rebuilt. He also donated land to the Paulines for the construction of a monastery right next to that church, and today there is a cemetery on that site.

In the documents on the history of the church and the Pauline monastery built next to it, there is a will of the parish priest Mihović from 1446, by which he leaves his property to the church, which is proof that the church existed before that year.

The church was damaged in an earthquake in 1916, and completely collapsed in 1917. The remains of this church - the capitals of the supporting pillars, decorated with interesting carved depictions, are located in the lapidary of the National Museum and Gallery - on the ground floor of the Frankopan Castle.

On the peninsula of Glavica today, only the remains of the monastery of the Order of St. Paul the Hermit (one wall cloth), popularly called the "White Friars" because of the white robes they wore. They contributed to the education of children from this area until Joseph II; son and co-ruler of Maria Theresa, did not abolish the order in 1786 due to allegations that "monastic discipline had given way".

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