Prva Drazica Beach


In the immediate vicinity of the center of Novi Vinodolski and Marina Novi is the beach Prva Drzhica suitable for families with children and the elderly due to its pebble-concrete character.

Near the beach there are restaurants for refreshments and lunch, and free WIFI is provided for all visitors.

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Place Type

public beach


Novi Vinodolski

Place Location

51250, Novi Vinodolski


(4 reviews)
A nice place for anyone looking to just relax by the sea an deven do some work as they take in the relaxing sight o fthe sea. This pebble-concrete peach is suitable for anyone, I enjoyed the delicacies and drinks served here as I relaxed with my wife. I would choose this place again for a simple day away from the city.
The beach has a nicely arranged pebble-concrete which is perfect for sunbathing as well as ensuring that the children and elderly have an easy time walking along the beach. There is also free internet if you want to share the moment on your social media
I enjoyed relaxing on the pebble beach while giving myself a tan. my daughter was having an exhilarating time playing ball in the waters. Visiting this location allowed me to relax and rejuvenate to go back to the city.
very good!!!
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