Beach on the Bribir coast


On a length of a total of 1300 meters along the Coast of Petar Krešimir IV. there is an urban beach, a bit of a promenade, of a combined type - pebble, rocky and concrete parts.

The beaches, or the entire promenade is rich in catering, and has secured access by car (in the summer parking is charged).

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public beach


Novi Vinodolski

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51250, Novi Vinodolski


(6 reviews)
This urban beach is eye catching! With pebble, rocky and concrete parts, it is beautiful and attracts a number of tourist. It is easily accessible by car. The waters are clear and the sunset is beautiful to watch from here.
Before taking a deep at this beautiful beach we visited the coastal town where we visited some of the recreational facilities and attractions. In the afternoon we headed to the beach to enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate.
As a caterer I was delighted to learn the different cuisines that are made here.I got here by car and I loved the road network to the beach which made my ride so smooth. Anyone should try this beach out.
The views of the sparkling sea from the pebble, rocky and concrete beach was superb. We went for a walk and bumped into a restaurant that served freshly prepared meals including seafood that was delicious. Enjoyed my time and was excited of the facilities available.
The fact that the beach hade a prom fascinated me, taking evening walks here in the quiet serene atmosphere was like having a taste of the heavens. I loved taking pictures of the horizon, the activities taking place at this time and the couples walk along the beach. It was good to see love in the air.
very good!!!
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