Beach along the promenade Dr. Franjo Tudjman


This beach is located along the promenade, and extends its entire length. The entrances to the sea are gravel, with rocky parts. The beach offers one of the most beautiful views - the island of San Marino, which is a symbol of Novi Vinodolski. On the island there is a small Gothic church of St. Marina, and you can reach it by pedal boat, boat or SUP.

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Place Type

public beach


Novi Vinodolski

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51250, Novi Vinodolski


(4 reviews)
The view on this grave beaach with rocky parts is to just splendid, it is a nice place for a person looking to experience some bit of history and also just have some little fun. I enjoyed the pedal boat ride to the island with a small Gothic church of St. Marina, it is a less crowded beach, best pack soem refreshments for yourself.
My visit to the island of San Marino near the beach was the most memorable thing for me while I was there. The place is nice and rich in culture and the locals are very friendly.
Touring this location allowed me to see the Island of San Marino which is the most beautiful location. I enjoyed boating around in the waters with my friends as I awaited my wedding. It was great enjoying singlehood one last day in this amazing location
very good!!!
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