The island of Sveti Marin


The small island of Sveti Marin is only about two hundred meters away from the coast. It houses the eponymous church built in the 17th / 18th century. century on the foundations of an older building, and in 1818 it was restored. A 4th century marble slab with an inscription in honor of the Roman Empress Helena, erected by the governor of Dalmatia-Flavius ​​Julius Rufinus Sarmentius, was found in these foundations.

Today, this plaque is kept in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

It is also unusual that church customs have never been restored on the island. Legend has it that a woman hid among the priests, and that the island was not actually called St. Marin, but St. Marina.

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(8 reviews)
very good!!!
I enjoyed swimming and Kitesurfing on its blue warm waters and walking on the sandy beaches. Its sunset and sunrise view was breathtaking
A tour around the church in this location was enlightening. I came across inscriptions on a marble believed to be dedicated to a Roman empress. It was a learning experience that I really enjoyed.
My tour to the Island of Sveti Marin was very nice. I used a speedy boat that I rented to circumnavigate the Island. Wonderful experience,
I enjoyed the boat cruise at the dazzling waters of the sea and i had the best time of my life with great music at the boat and the cool breeze with amazing viiews of the landscape. Magical moments.
A tour on the island was heart warming for us, the food was yummy and the vast waters were entertaining to the eye
It was fun exploring the island by boat rides. Going to the island by a ferry was one of my best experiences
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