Lake Sabljaci


It is also known under the other name Ogulin Sea, created as an accumulation lake of the river Zagorska Mrezhnica, now it is the pearl of the Ogulin region. In addition to the various sports that visitors do on the lake, sport fishing is the most attractive. Fishing competitions are organized on the lake, which is allowed throughout the year because the lake is rich in fish of various species. The area around the lake is adorned with walking or cycling trails where visitors can enjoy recreational nature sightseeing.

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I and my buddies visited lake sabljaci and it turned out to be pure fun. The huge trees were nice for picnics and the fresh air was just rejuvenating. It really refreshed us and we hope to be back again.
This is a nice place to visit especially for couples. The lush landscape is to die for while taking hiking trips. My bride and I really enjoyed our trip here during our honeymoon. Its a very romantic place.
How can I forget lake Sabljaci? Everything in this place was magical. But I loved the sunsets the most. As the golden rays reflected on the beautiful waters, the scenes were out of this world. I shall never forget it.
My friends and I have come to adore this place. Lots of fun things to do particularly the cycling trips as we wallow in the enchanting surroundings. It's always worth the trip.
I will never forget our trip to this beautiful lake. The walking trip was really nice as we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. The guides were very friendly and we had a cool time. A very serene lake.
This unruffled lake offers a lot of fun activities. I really enjoyed myself swimming in its warm waters. The rowing trips were also very magical. I am bringing my friends on the next trip.
I had a restful time in this destination. I adored the sights of the beautiful swans swimming in the lakes undisturbed. We also went fishing and caught trout, pike perch and roach. The fishing experience really calmed me down.