Lake Sabljaci


It is also known under the other name Ogulin Sea, created as an accumulation lake of the river Zagorska Mrezhnica, now it is the pearl of the Ogulin region. In addition to the various sports that visitors do on the lake, sport fishing is the most attractive. Fishing competitions are organized on the lake, which is allowed throughout the year because the lake is rich in fish of various species. The area around the lake is adorned with walking or cycling trails where visitors can enjoy recreational nature sightseeing.

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It was a great opportunity having a delightful moment at this place, especially involving myself into different recreational activities that left me relaxed and refreshed .I had a fantastic boat ride which made me feel much excited. Next vacation I will tag along with my family.
We went for a walk along the walking trails around the lake, we loved the sights that our eyes beheld. It was super fun to engage in the fishing competition, although I did not win, I loved interacting with different people from all walks of life here. Must come back soon.
My friends and I had an amazing time fishing on this lake. There are different species of fish in this lake. The walking trails were ideal for sightseeing. This place was so amazing.
This lake is really beautiful. My family picnic by the beach was epic. I loved spending time with my family here. The landscape and trees were so perfect. During the sunset the view of the lake was really perfect.
I happened to come to this place where fishermen held an annual fishing competition. It was exciting as I witnessed then catching fish of different species and sizes. The festival ended with us enjoying different dishes of fish specialities prepared in a traditional way.
I wanted an active vacation and that was why I visited this place. I went for long walks to the to town and cycling. I enjoyed this activities to the maximum. I will come again here.
I enjoyed participating in the fishing competitions held in this location on a yearly basis. I loved the fact I was able to learn new techniques from my competitors and was able to engage in an activity that I love during my vacation. I will visit again soon.