This place is also called Vrata do Lika, because traveling from Zagreb, this is the first place to turn into the Lika area. The old road that connected Lika and Gachka with the sea is now an attractive road for those who visit this area for the first time. Brinje was first mentioned in 1343 as "Brigna", which means simply a spruce tree that grows in the area. At the top of the hill in the center of Brinje you can see the remains of the old town of Sokolac (hillfort). It was founded at the beginning of the 15th century by Nicholas IV. Frankopan (Croatian prince) as the residence of his noble family. The three-layer chapel of the Holy Trinity with arches and the coat of arms of the Frankopans is one of the most important Gothic monuments in Croatia.

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This town is just picturesque. My husband and I visit here regularly and we love kayaking and canoeing in the unspoiled rivers found here. This has become our favorite destination spot.
I recommend this town for people looking for a destination to relax and have peace of mind. I have been coming here for many years especially to take nature walks in the beautiful parks. This town is just so serene and tranquil for the perfect relaxation.
Brinje is a scenic place to take memorable pictures. My boyfriend and I visited the majestic ancient castles found here and we really found them intriguing. The pictures we took here were just perfect.
The beaches in Brinje are just magical. My family and I loved swimming on the beaches and basking here. There are lots of clean facilities and nice play areas for the kids. We had a memorable vacation.
The town of Brinje is just out of this world. Its lush landscape especially the beautiful mountains really captivated my heart. I loved taking nature walks here and admiring the panoramic views. I recommend this town to all.
very good!!!