Gacka Valley


Gacka is a valuable ethnographic place where the abundance of true values ​​unanimously meet: beauty, water, landscape, tradition, authenticity and, of course, gastronomy! Water from the river is drinking water (second in Europe in quality), indigenous trout is the most sought after river fish, aquatic plants of the river Gacka were once fed to livestock, at the sources of the river (in Sinac - Tonkovich and Majerevo vrilo) and waterfalls (in Switzerland) wheat mills have been renovated, as well as stamping mills for washing and "softening" home-made woolen textiles and baskets for rolling and washing woolen blankets, which you can come and see and buy nearby such indigenous products. In the region you have cycling, hiking, mountaineering trails, you can go fishing or kayaking.Interesting events:- Gachka Carnival, Otochec Day; January February- Folklore Festival of Lika-Senj County: May- Gacka Days, concerts and theater performances: July - August- Barkan Memorial Bike Ride, June- Ecoethno Gachka, exhibition- sales fair in Sinac, July- Old sports tournament in Gachan, October- Advent Otochac, December.

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very good!!!
I needed an active vacation and that was why I came here. I went cycling, hiking, and fishing and it was fun. I also participated in local festivals like old sports tournaments and Gachka Carnival.
I accompanied one of the fishermen there to see how it was done and i got an experience myself firsthand. After that i went for a short hiking tour on the mountainous region and took pics of the land far and beyond. The view was one of a kind, i enjoyed it
My father and I attended the Old Sports Tournament in Gachan in October where i witnessed different sports competitions taking place. We then went for fishing in river Gacka where we had a great bonding time.We really had a great time.
I attended an engagement party that was held in a yacht and the experience was like no other. From the sea the view of the resort especially for its greenery was something to marvel at. The warm air in the atmosphere was very welcoming.
The nature in this town was lovely. The landscape and its beauty was breathtaking. I had an adventurous experience in this town. I got to visit the wheat mills and also the stamping mills. I bought one woven basket as a souvenir. It was a magical experience.
The natural beauty of this town is so splendid, Its scenery was so nice. It is a really historical town. I enjoyed visiting the wheat mills. It was a good learning experience. I loved it.