Northern Velebit National Park


The national park can be reached from the mainland, from the direction of Mrkvishte or from the direction of Brishnica on the coast. A round tour of Veliki Zavizhan starts from the road at the entrance to the Velebit Botanical Garden, and Velika kosa where you will get a lodge that takes about 2-3 hours.The view from the top extends to the sea and the islands of Krk, Prvich, Goli otok, Saint Gregory and Rab, and in the distance to the islands of Cres and Loshinj with noticeable Osorchica.The peaks of Velebit ,Veliki and Mali Pivchevac and on the other side Balinovac and Vuchjak can be seen from the climbing area and a little further on Mali Rajinac (1699 m) and further on Rožanski kukovi. You can start hiking in Velebit from the Premuzhich trail, from the beginning 2 km from the botanical garden and to the shelter of Rossi's hut (about 2 hours).

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very good!!!
The park has some fantastic motorbike roads that i enjoyed riding across the beautiful landscape and the thrilling speed was awesome.
The views from the peak were stunning and we we loved the beautiful landscape and the sea could be seen clearly from the peak also the beaches and the cool breeze was refreshing.
Hiking with my family was fun and the walking trail was great with signs that were helpful. The weather is favourable for the activity and it is enjoyable.
We loved the tour around the park and enjoyed the wild and the untammed nature that surrounds the park. Magical moments.
The botanical garden offeres the perfect place for a picnic and we loved the diverse species and the fresh air with beutiful flowers and flora.
We went rock climbing on the hilly region of the park and the experience was unmatched with refreshing time and engaging activity. We had the correct gear for the activity and every sweat was worth it.