Saint George


Sveti Juraj (Saint George) is a typical coastal town in a bay surrounded by Gradina hill on one side and the islet of Lisac on the other. In prehistory, there was a settlement called Lopsica. In the old cemetery by the sea you can see the ruins of the church of St. Philip and Jacob dating from the Middle Ages. The beach is located in the center of the village. If you want more privacy, you can find it in the surrounding bays of Spasovac, Ujcha, Vlashka, Planikovac, Kalich, Grabova and Racha. If you are traveling with pets, you can take them to Vlashka Bay, which has a beach for dogs. Apart from being a tourist place, Sveti Juraj is also known for the production of the finest flower honey in the world.

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The landmarks at the place was amazing with monuments that stood at the centre of known places with clean lovely environment.
Cycling at the fortress was entertaining and led us to some eye catching scenery that was phenomenal.
Swimming at the sea on mid-morning hours was enjoyable and relaxing and with the warm temperatures felt good.
The natives are very welcoming and walking around the place felt like home and i was comfortable with their hospitability.
Top notch resturants were great with the food and the services offered was exquisite. Had a taste of freshly cooked dishes ranging from traditional to other varieties.
The spots at Saint Gorge was great for a sight seeing of the rift and the amazing landscape of the place.
I loved the church and it's architectural structure that is amazing to have a glance and enjoy the church service and interaction.