Kuterevo is a mountain village on the northern slopes of Velebit, located at an altitude of 559 meters.

The village was first mentioned back in 1219. The inhabitants emigrated in the 16th century due to the invasion of the Turks. At the end of the 17th century, immigrants came from Kranjska and Gorski kotar, which is why the locals still speak a special sub-dialect of the Kajkavian dialect.

Speaking of cultural heritage, this area has a tradition of making wooden objects. The most famous among them is the Lika tamburitza called 'kuterevka'. In addition, numerous examples of traditional architecture and the Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the beginning of the 18th century have been preserved.

Kuterevo is also known for its shelter for young bears, which is located there. The shelter deals with the protection of bear habitat, the promotion of sustainable living and the preservation of the traditions of the local mountain community. You should visit the shelter in the warmer part of the year, since in winter the bears are in the dormant phase.

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