Sinac is a village in Gacko polje, located on the slopes of Velebit and Kapela. The river Gacka springs here. The place was first mentioned in the early 15th century, but the settlement existed as early as the Neolithic era.

In recent times, rural tourism is developing rapidly in this area. This is primarily due to the beautiful landscape of the river Gacka, along which traditional mills have been restored in recent years. Only 100 years ago, about 60 mills operated here, and today there are only a few. By visiting the mills one can learn how to grind flour and try homemade bread.

Fishermen can often be seen along the river, and hiking trails in the length of twenty kilometers are another opportunity to explore the untouched nature of this area.

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very good!!!
located on the Velebit slopes, this place is mentioned in the 15th century. Its landscape and traditional mills were so captivating. The air was fresh and relaxing. This is the place to unwind and get in touch with nature.