Kosinj bridge


The Kosinj bridge is made of stone, is seventy meters long and crosses the river Lika, connecting Gornji and Donji Kosinj. The bridge dates from the 19th century and was made by the technique of "driving in stone", unique in its opening in arches that are reflected in the water as regular circles.

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Unnamed Road,, 53203, Krš


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very good!!!
I went to the Kosinj Bridge with my family. The weather was lovely and we had a great time. It is so easy to walk over the bridge and see the river and all the other attractions in the area. I would recommend anyone go there.
Amazing bridge with great architectural structure and a historic story that I visited. I loved the views of the landscape from the bridge.
View from the bridge reveals the peaceful river Lika. The sorrounding vegetation offer a peaceful ambience to the location. I loved taking pictures with my husband on this bridge.
The bridge is has beautiful loops that extend in and out of the waters and holes in between, we loved to just sit and stare at it as the sun was setting.
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