Velebit refuge for young bears


The shelter for young bears was built with the aim of preserving bears in the Velebit area and is open to visitors during spring, summer and autumn. Since bears are dormant during the winter, they are avoided and the visits are exceptional if they are really necessary. During the spring and autumn, visitors should report to the Volunteer Station upon arrival, so that one of the long-term volunteers can welcome, guide, guide and inform them. In summer, local guides will welcome, inform and animate you. If you love animals and would like to volunteer, the Velebit Open-Handed Shelter welcomes volunteers. In the last few years, the Kuterevo Shelter for Young Bears has hosted an average of 15 volunteer groups, more than 50 individual volunteers and more than 20,000 visitors a year.

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(8 reviews)
very good!!!
I had a memorable moment watching how the young bears are taken care of and admiring its serenity
We visited the place with my kids and they loved the amazing little bears and some other big ones rescued from zoos and other places. Some of our questions were answered and took photos at the place.
It was a joyful experience to see the amazing bears. I had not seen before. My first time! Took a lot of pictures.
I enjoyed seeing the bears upclose and how the interacting with one another. It was exciting taking care of young bears.
The bears in thiis location were well fed and quite friendly. I loved spending my time watching them and how they interact with each other.
Best shelter for bears to visit during summer, spring and autumn. It was a nice experience seeing bears moving all around.
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