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The Botanical Garden, founded in 1967, is about a 15-minute walk from the mountain lodge, near Zavizhan. Since Velebit is a huge mountain often impassable, and yet hides a rich flora, the founders of the garden aimed to provide, not only lovers of Velebit, but also scientists and researchers, access to the Velebit flora. This area soon after the establishment of the botanical garden became the area of ​​the Special Botanical Reserve. The garden is located at an altitude of 1480 meters, and in its central part is the Balinovac sinkhole around which leads a circular stone path 600 meters long. From there you can climb hiking trails to the surrounding peaks - Velika Kosa (1622 m above sea level), Balinovac (1602 m above sea level) and Veliki Zavižan (1676 m above sea level). The stone stairs that separate you can descend to the bottom of the Balinovac sinkhole, at 1430 m above sea level, also separate from the path. Today, about 300 plant species grow in the Garden, some of which are wild, while others were brought from other parts of Velebit. Among them are some rarer Velebit species. Especially interesting is the large rocky outcrop where many attractive species grow. It takes about an hour of easy walking to tour the Garden, and the best part of the year to visit the Garden is June and July when most of the vegetation is in bloom.

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very good!!!
The botanical garden is a great and beautiful view of the sea. I liked the design of structures in this place. Interesting place.
walking through the beautiful and lustrous gardens of this location is heartwarming. Beautiula vegetation splattered everywhere. My wife really enjoyed this trip.
What I loved was the fascinating nature of the garden. It was well conserved and protected. The trees are amazing.
We went hiking and the views from the garden were spectacular. We loved the diverse flowers and the blooming vegetation that was beautiful
The flowers were very colorful, the trees had wonderful leaves, it was not far from hotel i slept, I enjoyed walking and viewing the nature the place had to offer
I loved the different species of flora in this place. I would recommend taking a naturewalk it was quite nice
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