Pudarica Beach


For those who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the stone old town of Rab and romantic sunsets, we recommend the beach Pudarica.

Slightly wild, Pudarica is a pebble beach located in the small town of Barbat, about 4 km south of the town of Rab, and you can reach it by car, motorcycle, bicycle or boat.

From the facilities on the beach you have at your disposal one of the most famous Rab beach bar clubs - Santos, which is a favorite among the young population.

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Place Type

public beach


Rab Island

Place Location

51280, Barbat


(4 reviews)
watching the beautiful view of the stone old town of Rab and the sunsets was one of the most romantic experiences I had during my honeymoon in this beautiful location. My husband and I enjoyed walking along this beautiful pebble beach every evening.
This pebble beach has a beautiful view of the stone old town of Rab a wonderful sight to behold. The beach has the famous Rab beach clubs-Santos that will add to the thrill of visiting this beach. It is also a wonderful destination for anyone who loves nature, I see myself visiting again.
With a close vicinity of the stone old town of Rab, the beach is perfect place to enjoy the view as well as relax on evenings and watch the sunset as it reflects nicely on the surface of the sea.
very good!!!
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