Naturist Beach Kandarola


Kandarola Beach is actually one of the oldest naturist beaches in the world. It is located on the beautiful peninsula of Frkanj, only 5 km northwest of the town of Rab.

Namely, on this sandy and rocky beach, the English region of Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson used to swim, which is why today it is also called the English beach.

There are no additional facilities on the beach, but the proximity of the sea and the shade of a pine forest is actually all you need for a pleasant day spent at sea. You can reach this somewhat wild beach by boat taxi from Rab and Palit or by car.

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public beach


Rab Island

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51280, Kampor


(4 reviews)
Despite the place lacking natural shade, the place rents out sunbed and umbrellas at a small cost. The beach is dog friendly so I got a chance to spend the day with my dog.
Getting to the beach was quite interesting because we used a boat taxi from Rab. Something that was very fascinating for me to be honest. There's not much going on here but it was quite a good place to relax and enjoy the natural shade from the pine forest followed by the cool breeze from the beautiful sea.
By far the best beach on the island. Perfect for a combo of relaxing and having some fun. I wouldn't say the best beach in the world but would love to revisit as we had a blast!
very good!!!
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