Geopark Fruga


Fruga Geopark is located in the central part of the island. Very nice to rent a quad or go mountain biking, take enough water with you because you are a few hours away quickly. the oldest church on the island. Through an ancient holm oak forest with whimsical, fairytale trees you come to an open field with lots of rocks, sheep and trees. There is a large valley that passes through a lot of rain (when it rains), sometimes there is a small pond, and sometimes a large pond full of frogs. There is an old dam and everywhere you will find numbered plates with explanations and paths with small signs indicating in which direction to go and how far it is

And there is a large area of ​​erosion, just a large canyon in miniature. They sometimes do motocross here. sometimes you can ride a quad because the rain has knocked the ground down in the winter. The high mountains in the distance are the mainland of Croatia. There is a path to Lopar that can only be walked on foot. And there’s a trail where you come with a quad at the back of the camp, ask for a key and you can head back to camp. In Fruga it is always quiet, except May 1, a national holiday, when everyone comes to the barbecue, makes music, etc.

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Rab Island

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Bobotine ul. 5, 51280, Rab


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