Monastery of St. Euphemia


The charter on the construction of the monastery is an extremely valuable document because it mentions for the first time the Croatian name of the town and island of Rab.
The monastery is located on the north side of the Bay of St. Euphemia. It was founded in 1444. The church belonging to the monastery is decorated with beautiful altars and paintings of saints that have a high artistic value. Of particular importance is the polyptych of the brothers Antonio and Bartolomeo Vivarini from the island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon. An interesting landmark is the wooden ceiling of the monastery, a tabulatum decorated with sacral motifs. One part of the monastery was turned into the Ethnographic Museum of the town of Rab with a gallery of paintings by the monk Janez Ambroz Testen. The monastery library houses about 7,000 rare books, painted Mass books and books of choral songs, as well as a collection of 34 copies of the first edition (incunabula), the Rab Code from 1598 and many other copies. There is also the Rab Chronicle, which was transcribed, summarized and kept by the religious brother Fr. Odorik Badurina. It is a chronicle of the Monastery of St. Euphemia with detailed descriptions of the history of the island and accompanying documents.

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