Top 10 Places to Visit on the Island of Rab


The island of Rab is located in the Kvarner Bay, between the islands of Krk and Pag. The history of the island is long and rich, and the first mention of the island dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks.

Rab is especially proud of its hospitality and 120-year tradition of tourism. Most tourists come to the picturesque town of Rab, which is famous for its 4 bell towers.

The interior is rural with vineyards, olives, and vegetables. The coast of the island has as many as 30 sandy beaches, and there are many picturesque bays.

Learn about the 10 most interesting places on the island of Rab, which you should definitely visit:

1. City Walls - The town of Rab is a typical medieval urban center surrounded by solid walls from the 15th century, which for the most part still surround it in its original state. Its old town is dominated by four high bell towers, mostly in Romanesque style.

2. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the town of Rab was probably built in the 4th century, and later renovated in a Romanesque style. The interior is rich in very valuable equipment and artwork.

3. Monastery, church and bell tower of St. Andrew - Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew in the town of Rab was built in the 11th century, and over time it was upgraded and renovated. Numerous works of art, handicrafts and souvenirs can be found in the monastery, and eight nuns live and work in it.

4. Komrcar Park - Komrcar Park located near the old town of Rab stretches along the coast all the way to the marina in Palit. This green oasis of unique beauty is the pride of the town of Rab. Today, the park attracts many nature lovers and romantics for whom a walk through the green labyrinths and paths along the centuries-old pines, cypresses, and palm trees is one of the best experiences of Rab.

5. Monastery of St. Euphemia - The monastery is located on the north side of the Bay of St. Euphemia. It was founded in 1444. The church belonging to the monastery is decorated with beautiful altars and paintings of saints that have high artistic value.

6. Rab Concentration Camp - The Kampor Concentration Camp on the island of Rab was an Italian fascist concentration camp in World War II. In 1953, a memorial park was built in the area of the camp, built by political prisoners on forced labor in the Goli Otok prison.

7. Paradise Beach - The most attractive and most famous Rab beach is Paradise Beach located in Lopar, 12 km north of the town of Rab. This sandy beach 2 km long is characterized by a shallow, clean and warm sea and an abundance of various facilities.

8. Banova vila Beach - The most famous city beach, Banova vila is among the favorites for locals. It is located on the beautiful coast of the old town of Rab. The beach has pebble, rocky and concrete parts that are suitable for swimmers of all ages.

9. Livacina Beach - In Lopar there is a beautiful sandy beach Livacina, especially popular among young people and locals. On the beach, you can enjoy the facilities all day, and the restaurants and bars that surround it are especially popular.

10. Naturist beach Sahara - Naturist beach Sahara is a very popular and famous Rab beach with a naturally sandy character. You can find it on the edge of Lopar, about a thirty-minute walk from the equally beautiful Paradise Beach.


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