Paradise Beach


The most attractive and most famous beach in Rab is Paradise Beach located in Lopar, 12 km north of the town of Rab. This sandy beach 2 km long is characterized by shallow, clean and warm sea and an abundance of various tourist facilities. It offers bathers rental of deck chairs and parasols, showers and locker rooms, a wide selection of sports at sea and on land, restaurants and bars and facilities for children. Pets are allowed on the southern part of the beach.

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public beach


Rab Island

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San Marino,, 51281, Rab


(6 reviews)
I loved this beach especially for the fact that my kids who are so attached to their pets we allowed to have them there. Also there are locker rooms where one can store their things while showering before and after hitting the sea . So great.
Went for a walk with my pet during the evening at the sandy beach and it was spectacular. Clean beach with great atmosphere and for swimming and there were deck chairs, showers, locker room and parasols all for rental. We enjoyed the fun at the beach and seafood specialities at the restaurant took the day. Cold drinks at the beach bar were great and we enjoyed our time fully.
The sandy beach allows pets on the southern part of the beach. It also has great facilities for children. I loved swimming in the shallow warm sea in the afternoon. My friends enjoyed various games on the beach and we will definitely visit again. You can also our he own if you are here long enough.
I loved the large number of people who were visiting this place. Just as the name goes the warm sea because of its shallow bottom was like paradise. The clean seas was ana an ideal place for swimming.
Paradise is as beautiful as the name! It may be crowded but the breeze from the sea and the view of the clear waters will make you feel refreshed and relaxed. The sandy beach is full of amazing facilities and ability to rent parasols and deck chairs. There are changing rooms and of course restaurants. also you can take your pet for a walk on the southern side of the beach.
very good!!!
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