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Extremely fun and interesting project - Rab Archaeological (T) races, which successfully presented and united about 30 Rab archaeological sites, are connected by three educational and educational trails that stretch across Lopar, Kampor and Supetarska Draga. This unique project gives additional attention to the beautiful nature of Rab and the rich cultural-archaeological-ethnographic and sacral heritage of the island, and everything is guided by the idea of ​​a large "open-air museum".

Individual sites are presented to the public at their original positions, and information about them is available near the sites or on lookouts indicating their location. Also, all sites are marked on a printed map that an interested tourist can easily obtain. An interactive mobile application is also being developed, which will make it easier to present the material and other landmarks of the island to every visitor.

It is known that the island of Rab is shrouded in a veil of legend and this theme is also part of this museum project, as intangible heritage.

Visitors to the trails will thus be able to get acquainted with the legend of ‘Dear, Rab shepherdess’ written in the 17th century by the Zadar poet Juraj Baraković, which is associated with the creation of the Kalifront forest. The legend of St. is also interesting. Christopher, a kind of protector of the island, whose powers saved the city in the Middle Ages and with which the famous Rab Fair is connected. It is certainly worth mentioning the legend of St. Marin as the founder of San Marino or the one associated with the construction of the Church of the Nativity of Mary in Lopar, but there are other lesser-known folklore.

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