Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar


Monty beach for dogs is the first of this type, and thus the best beach for dogs in all of Croatia. The beach is located in Banjol on the beach "Artić".

Namely, your little pets on this beach can enjoy various delicacies such as pizza, ice cream, chips and dog beer made from chicken and vegetable stock!

There are also a variety of dog toys on the beach that encourage their activity and play. There are also water bowls, deck chairs and parasols designed just for the dogs to enjoy.

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Place Type

public beach


Rab Island

Place Location

Banjol Općina Rab


(4 reviews)
My dog, Rexie had an explicit experience when we visited this location. There were so many activities for her to engage in ranging from the food varieties and the toys available to play with. It was nice seeing her having a good time with other dogs.
I recommend a visit to this beach for anyone with a pet dog, the facilities in this beach ensure your dog has fun. From the dog toys on the beach to the bowls and deck chairs this is a beach for any dog owner looking for an active day at the beach with his/her dog. Taking my dog again next summer.
With the plenty of dog meals served at the nearby restaurants, the beach is a perfect place for you and your pet to enjoy some time together away from home. There are a lot of fun activities for the dogs to enjoy
very good!!!
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