Srine of the Mother of God of Krasno


On Assumption Day, August 15, every year a large number of believers visit the shrine of the Mother of God in Krasno in the Krasnarska valley below Velebit. Welcome and accommodation is traditionally provided for that day in apartments and rooms for rent. Once the shrine of Our Lady of Krasno on Velebit was the strongest Marian shrine in Croatia, more visited than Marija Bistrica and Trsat.People even came to the shrine on foot, from Krk, from Bosnia and Dalmatia.
The legend of the Mother of God of Krasnodar dates back to 1219. In the Krasnodar forest, shepherds grazed their flocks. One day they saw a miraculous flower on a stump, and a picture of the Mother of God in the flower. The shepherds plucked the flower and took it to Krasnarsko polje, where the chapel has been located since ancient times. But the transferred flower suddenly disappeared, until the shepherds found it again on the same stump in the forest. When the people saw these events, they built a chapel in the forest in honor of the Mother of God, and built an altar above the stump itself, where the flower appeared.

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very good!!!
Interesting history of the church with s bell outside. We enjoyed the tour in the church and the sight of the amazing art work on the ceiling and the altar was lovely.
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