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There used to be as many as 60 mills on the river with different purposes. Majer's spring in Sinac is one of the 3 largest springs in the spring area of ​​Gacka and is very picturesque. There is one of the mills that is still working. Be sure to visit the Majer mill, which has been owned by the Majer family for generations. Mayer's mill is excellently preserved and still grinds grain in the traditional way. Here there is an opportunity to buy flour and traditional products.

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(8 reviews)
My visit to Majerov mill was impactful. I learnt how prepare home made bread and grinding flour. Much helpful.
The majerov mill is masterclass. The staff operating in the mills are welcoming and friendly. A great mill to visit.
I watched as the locals grinded flours and made bread from the flour created. The mills played a significant economc importance to the locals.
Good creative thinking. Built on a river to minimize work done. Me and the girls loved watching the ducks on the water as well
The mill is powered by the water of the river and functions in a traditional way. We loved the visit there and were amazed. Epic.
The waters here was breathe taking. I just found nature to be exciting
Built on a river, i had an opportunity to fish and its surrunding was conducive for a picnic
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