Stinica is a small coastal village and bay only a few kilometers north of Jablanac and 40 km from Senj. The bay was once an important port with a large wood warehouse. At that time, the wood was delivered by cable car from the Velebit mountain. Today, Stinica is a bay with a new ferry terminal and a port for easy traveling to the island of Rab.

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very good!!!
My visit to this mountainous forested place was remarkable. I went to the large wood wirehouse on the mountain and was amazed at its size of it. Piles and piles of wood. My guide explained how the wood was cut and how it was kept so that it can last for long.
I was happy to learn about the history of the coastal village and bay that was an important port with a great wood warehouse. I had a great experience at the port especially the ferry ride; the workers at the ferry were very kind and ready to help whenever needed. I had a great experience.
I visited the port when collecting my container of goods and the experience was unmatched. Loved the security at the port provided by the workers there ;the architectural art and design of the port is something to applaud to. It's relatively easy to get your goods at this port.
I loved the arrangement of the houses and how they were clustered together, i also managed to get a short boat ride and get a clearer view of the houses design. The history is very enticing as well. The village is really something else.
This village has a very beautiful bay. I enjoyed walking on its streets as I just admired its beauty. It was a really magical moment. I loved every moment I spent here. The people were really hospitable. I learnt more about their culture and bought some souvenirs
The bay in this town is really a beautiful. It is a must visit. I enjoyed swimming in its waters. It was a nice refreshing site. The architectural designs of the buildings was amazing. I loved the culture of the people of this town,