Zavratnica is a natural karst phenomenon at the foot of Velebit. Located 2.5 km south of Jablanca, the hiking trail to Zavratnica starts just below the kiosk where tickets for the ferry to the island of Rab are sold. The bay is about 900 m long and wide from 50 to 150 m.Also near the place in the sea can be found a particularly interesting divers sunk German ship from World War II at a depth of 8 to 10 m.Zavratnica can be reached by boat or on foot from Jablanac.

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There are beautiful bays in this wonderful town. I especially loved the rocks at the edges where the kids could jump straight into the waters. The swimming was really nice and my kids look forward to the next trip.
This town proved to be a lot of fun. My friends and I enjoyed the yacht sails where we got to admire the pristine clear waters and beautiful sea gulls. The trip was very relaxing.
We went scuba diving here and we were really impressed. We were captivated by the ship wrecks that were observable in the clear waters. I found this town very fascinating.
This town has a breath taking beauty. I especially loved its beautiful landscape of cliffs, green pines and cypresses and shrub. They rise to meet the beautiful mountains and cascade down to the pristine waters. The views here are just magical!
very good!!!
It was adventurous to go for hiking with my friends with the help of the hiking trails located here. The hiking trail starts at the kiosk where you can buy snacks to tag along during the hike and passes by the ferry where tickets are sold. I look forward to the next trip.
Swimming was in the bay was a fascinating experience as we would jump into the water from the rocky edges of the bay. The water were cool, clean and crystal clear hence suitable for swimming.What i loved most about this bay is that it is not crowded.